LESK – modules to support the preparation of cytostatics

Central preparation of cytostatics is based on the aseptic preparation of intravenously administered drugs prepared from sterile intermediates with emphasis on the application of specific procedures arising from the nature of cytotoxic medicines. It is not possible to do without connection to information systems and logistics. Close cooperation in a multidisciplinary team composed of pharmacists, oncologists, pharmaceutical assistants, nurses, technicians, etc. is the key.

Software product LESK is used to link the process of dilution cytostatics with other systems via software support preparation of cytostatic drugs on central departments preparation of cytostatics (OCPC).

Basic Features

  • Communication with Pharmacy: import, export delivery notes electronically from a file in .pdk
  • Records up to the level of primary packaging cytostatics
  • Own activities in cooperation with OIS (Oncology Information System) Medoro according to treatment protocols
  • Integrated communication with the ordering side
  • Transparent administration of administered drugs
  • A wide range of statistical outputs
  • Communication with NIS

The entire system is modular so that it is easier to respond to specific customer requirements. Special hardware in the form of working terminals located in the insolator allows easy identification and control of these drugs at the place of dilution in compliance with the existing disinfection procedures. Subsequent evidence used drugs and their relationship to the patient is easily traceable during their passage through the system to the point of admission.

These options significantly increase patient safety, reduce the risk of error in the preparation of cytotoxic drugs, the risk of incorrect doses, confusion of patients etc., while allowing easy monitoring of parameters that have so far been observed frequently manually (given batch etc. )

LESK – ordering medical supplies module

The module focuses on the ordering of medical supplies from the department to the central warehouse SZM . From there, then travel orders to individual suppliers. The module implements the entire process from requisition to an electronic order to the supplier, including the approval and monitoring of limits, the cost of each department.

  • Electronic communication with companies e.g. Hartmann and Braun
  • The possibility of sending orders via email
  • A statistical outputs

LESK – temperature monitoring module

The module is focused on the recording and processing of data from thermometers


  • Multiscan s.r.o.
  • NH Hospital a.s.
  • Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze
  • Multiscan Pharma, s.r.o.
  • SENIMED s.r.o.